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Hematoma lvl 100 Rogue Hellscream
« on: December 13, 2014, 07:44:43 PM »
Characterís Name:     Hematoma
Characterís Realm:    Hellscream
Characterís Class:      Rogue
Characterís Armory  Link:
Current Spec: Combat main Assasination secondary

General Raiding Info

01 - What open raiding position are you applying for? Please be specific here. If you play a hybrid class make sure you indicate what your function is. List both Main Spec and Off Spec if you have one.
DPS  Combat main Assasination secondary
02 - Why do you want to join Entropy?
Iíve always had good experiences with their members and they have a good rep.
03 - Entropy raids Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM server through 11PM server with raid invites starting at 6:30PM server time.  If there is a problem that prevents you from maintaining acceptable attendance, please specify here.  I travel with my job and may work long hours that day but its rare I work past 7
04 - What do you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses in regards to raiding? Seriously, be honest about your weaknesses.  Weakness is My laptop video is not great and I may not see that Iím standing in stuff but my desktop computer is really good.  Strengths are ive played since opening and know game. 

05 - There is always someone who will be more knowledgeable than you, be it in W.O.W., or in real life.  Do you consider yourself a person who can take advice and/or criticism without getting offended by it, and use it to better yourself as a raider?  I take criticism good.

06 - Are you willing to respec and open to the possibility of playing a different role in raids than what you may be accustomed to? (For example: You play and apply as a Retribution Paladin, but Entropy needs a Holy Paladin for the night and that just happens to be your off-spec). Iíll even switch to another toon if im needed to

07 - Do you have a working microphone?  yes

08 - Do you have Ventrilo and know how to use it?  yes

09 - Are you familiar with the addons Omen and/or Skada? Do you know how to use the threat meter to judge if you're about to pull aggro? How many seconds do you wait before dealing damage?  I have both omen and skada and I attack immediately, then vanish after a few seconds.  Iím a rogue and can lose agro easy.

10 - What kind of mods do you use that allow you to be more efficient at your ďjobĒ? For instance, list any cool down or buff timers you may use. roguebars

11 - Are you willing to farm your own consumables for raid encounters?  Yes,Its part of raiding

12 - Who is the dreamiest rogue ever?  Me!  Iím a 100 rogue

13 - If you were a fruit, any fruit currently available on Earth, what fruit would you be and why?  I would be a  lemon.  Cause they hurt when you squeeze them in someones eye!

14 - Are you on Comcast?  no

15 - Is your computer able to handle graphic intensive encounters without disconnecting or suffering major slowdowns? Please provide your computer specs. No need to go all nerdy here but the basic details will suffice.  Laptop is fair but desktop has best graphics card and lots of memory.

16 - Where did you hear that Entropy is Recruiting?  Looking for guild

Raiding Experience:

List ALL RAID INSTANCES COMPLETED followed by highest encounter(s) in UNCOMPLETED INSTANCES.

A) Vanilla WoW:  that was 10 years ago!

B) The Burning Crusade:  some experience but in small guild

C) Wrath of The Lich King:  did some too but mostly pickup stuff

D) Cataclysm:  didnít raid much at all

Guild History, and References:

Guild History:
What is your current/most recent guild? If this guild is on a different realm be sure to include which one.  Exetium Vergo.  Small guild with 5 members.
What are/were the reasons or circumstances for your departure?  Please be specific here.
Please include the name of an officer in your current/most recent guild we can speak to about your Entropy application.  Small guild with 5 members.  Gamespoiler is an officer.
Finally, include *all* the guilds you've been in prior to your current/most recent one even if you were in there for only a week. Don't include an officer but do note the circumstances surrounding your departure.  Ive been in Exetium Vergo for 9.5 years.

Please tell us of any other references you might want to use to your advantage:  none really except I had stayed with Exetium Vergo for 9+ years.

If you have read this far, please answer this question: How would one cut a bagel at a 45 degree angle?  A bagel is round (360)so if you cut it in 45 degree pieces then you would cut it into 8 pieces.


How old are you? 45

Do you go to school? Do you work? Please elaborate.  I am a field service tech which means I travel.

Please list 3 things you like to do outside of WoW, 1 things you don't like to do outside of WoW and 5 things you want to tell us about you. Examples can be family, how you got started in WoW, favorite band, favorite artist, favorite quote, favorite fight in wow, etc.

I like to flyfish, hunt, and do some competitive shooting.

I donít like to do yardwork.  5 things I want to tell you about me:  Iíve played wow since day 1.  I love PVP, and raiding.  I like doing tradeskills.  I play the Sax.  Iím married and donít have kids. 

Is there anything else you would like to add to this application?  nah

I pledge allegiance, to the Saints and to the great city of New Orleans. And to the Super Bowl for which we will win, one city, below sea level, under God, with Mardi Gras & alcohol for all.  Amen
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.