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Character’s Name:Kieralayne
Character’s Realm:Hellscream
Character’s Class:  Warlock
Character’s Armory Link:
Current Spec: Affliction

also have a ret pally Karlayne item level 523
a shadow priest Aglaranna item level 540-550
a fire mage Korayne item level 540-545
and some lower level toons to spend more time on once I get my legendary cloak quest out of the way.

General Raiding Info

01 - What open raiding position are you applying for? Please be specific here. If you play a hybrid class make sure you indicate what your function is. List both Main Spec and Off Spec if you have one.

02 - Why do you want to join Entropy? I am a pet collector, one who collects, levels, and battles pets as a hobby. Not one who makes money selling and trading pets. I would LOVE to get the Thundering Serpent Hatchling (pet version of Thundering Cloud Serpent mount). This particular pet is only obtainable through being revered in a guild that has unlocked Challenge Conquerors Gold-Guild Edition. Entropy has indeed unlocked said challenge. Blizzard is also taking this pet away from the game in the next patch prior to WoD. I am currently involved in a Hellscream Guild (Carpe Noctem) and am Lt. General officer rank. I love my guild, and have no desire to transfer more than one toon at this time. In fact, if possible, I would LOVE to join and quit relatively close together. Only of course after obtaining guild rep and buying the pet. I do not want to ask this of your guild without offering anything in return. I am not sure what I COULD offer. I have lots of duplicates pets :) Blizzard won't allow me to collect anymore unless I release one first!! I have 1000 pets atm.
I am a newcomer to WoW, been playing less than 2 years. Son and Husband used to play and I scoffed at them. I had no idea how fulfilling it would be to complete quests and level up. I am a very task oriented person. They love to pvp and raid, I do my thing. I have 4 90 toons and have achieved a ranking of #6 Horde on Hellscream in regards to Warcraftpets rankings. I call myself Michael Vick of WoW (vs pokemon). I love the pet aspect of game and know that it isn't for everyone. My Husband abhores the pets! I do raid, but only for better gear, valor, and/or pet drops, and for guilt. There's always guilt.

03 - Entropy raids Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM server through 11PM server with raid invites starting at 6:30PM server time.  If there is a problem that prevents you from maintaining acceptable attendance, please specify here. You probably would not want me raiding with you. My lock is the 3rd lowest DPS of my 4 90s. I also am a full time + restaurant manager, my work hours are sporadic and long. I am usually playing WoW in the early AM hours. But again, if there is some part I could play for y'all in return for your kindness... I am indeed willing.

04 - What do you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses in regards to raiding? Seriously, be honest about your weaknesses. Strengths in that I am patient and listen well. Weaknesses, I am not as great mobility wise as some. I didn't learn to move with wasd, but instead with the mouse. Sometimes it gets me in trouble in tight spots.

05 - There is always someone who will be more knowledgeable than you, be it in W.O.W., or in real life.  Do you consider yourself a person who can take advice and/or criticism without getting offended by it, and use it to better yourself as a raider? Yes, unless you are an ass about it like my husband gets sometimes! lol

06 - Are you willing to respec and open to the possibility of playing a different role in raids than what you may be accustomed to? (For example: You play and apply as a Retribution Paladin, but Entropy needs a Holy Paladin for the night and that just happens to be your off-spec).  I am only dual spec'd on one toon. Being a newcomer to the game, I figured it would be easier not to have to worry about playing same toon different ways.

07 - Do you have a working microphone? yes

08 - Do you have Ventrilo and know how to use it? Yes

09 - Are you familiar with the addons Omen and/or Skada? Do you know how to use the threat meter to judge if you're about to pull aggro? How many seconds do you wait before dealing damage? NOT A CLUE! Taking notes tho, interesting idea for add-on.

10 - What kind of mods do you use that allow you to be more efficient at your “job”? For instance, list any cool down or buff timers you may use.  There are several on my account, HaloPro, ShadowPriestDotTimer, HealBot, Recount, AffDots, and various other reforging and pet addons.

11 - Are you willing to farm your own consumables for raid encounters? Yes, I usually bring refreshments. I have noodle cart on 3 toons and several newer (+300) recipes also,

12 - Who is the dreamiest rogue ever? Fortunately for Confidence, my husband has never played a rogue ;)

13 - If you were a fruit, any fruit currently available on Earth, what fruit would you be and why?
I'm not incredibly good looking but I have a great personality. I am very social with lots of friends. I am kind, generous, caring, and loving. But at times I can be lazy and untalented. Therefore, I would choose a watermelon. Summertime fun of the party...can spike if needed. But good for the kids too!

14 - Are you on Comcast? no

15 - Is your computer able to handle graphic intensive encounters without disconnecting or suffering major slowdowns? Please provide your computer specs. No need to go all nerdy here but the basic details will suffice. HP Pavilion DV7 quad core, I play on a laptop. Seem to do alright. My internet is as high as you can get and not be commercial :)

16 - Where did you hear that Entropy is Recruiting? I did not.

Raiding Experience:

List ALL RAID INSTANCES COMPLETED followed by highest encounter(s) in UNCOMPLETED INSTANCES.

A) Vanilla WoW:
I have done all except Shadowfang Keep and King of Dire Maul

B) The Burning Crusade:
According to my achievements I have done about half of the achieves related to BC raids.

C) Wrath of The Lich King:
Same here, about half
Cataclysm: and half

Pandaria – I have actually completed all raids in Pandaria.

Guild History, and References:

Planet Express Ship _ I left because one day I logged in and the guild was gone.
Descending Angels _ The whole guild transferred to another realm. I stayed on Hellscream
Carpe Noctem – currently Lt General with guild.

Guild History:
What is your current/most recent guild? If this guild is on a different realm be sure to include which one. Carpe Noctem
What are/were the reasons or circumstances for your departure?N/A  Please be specific here.
Please include the name of an officer in your current/most recent guild we can speak to about your Entropy application. Mojoheals is owner of guild.
Finally, include *all* the guilds you've been in prior to your current/most recent one even if you were in there for only a week. Don't include an officer but do note the circumstances surrounding your departure.

Please tell us of any other references you might want to use to your advantage:

If you have read this far, please answer this question: How would one cut a bagel at a 45 degree angle?
 Why would you want to slice a bagel on the bias?? I suppose you could hold the knife at a 45 degree angle and cut away! Please use a serrated knife!


How old are you? 29 going on 29; however I do have a son who is about to be 29 and a 21 yr old daughter.

Do you go to school? Do you work? Please elaborate. I am a restaurant manager.

Please list 3 things you like to do outside of WoW, 1 things you don't like to do outside of WoW and 5 things you want to tell us about you. Examples can be family, how you got started in WoW, favorite band, favorite artist, favorite quote, favorite fight in wow, etc.
Movie buff, love to read and am an avid Munchkin player, because its not a great game until you're ready to kill your friends!!
I do not like to drive long distances.

5 things? I am affluent in sarcasm, loyal to a fault with fam and friends, love my grumpy bear of a husband, about to be a grandmother, have an incredible should have a patent on it sense of humor.

Is there anything else you would like to add to this application?
I appreciate you taking the time to read over it and I am so sorry if it totally appears as if I would just be using you to get a pet (altho I would be doing just that) . I read from several other guilds on the warcraftpets forums that were willing and able to do just that. I haven't even been playing a solid 2 yrs yet, I missed out on a lot of old school pets that are no longer available. I am doing whatever I can to get this one before its too late, Again, I would be happy to donate pets or something to y'all. Because I am so relatively new with so many pets, I am not loaded with gold, but I do have a spare kovak pet, I could sell for a trade :)

Thanks again y'all!!
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Re: Kieralayne-Hellscream
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12 - Who is the dreamiest rogue ever? Fortunately for Confidence, my husband has never played a rogue ;)

I think I approve.