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Graperz (100 Prot Warrior) - Submitted by Confidence
« on: November 19, 2014, 08:40:40 AM »
He was having some issues with the captcha registration so I'm submitting on his behalf.  Good kid (for a Canuck).  Thorough and appreciative too.

For people interested in raiding with Entropy, we ask that you please make a new thread in the Join Entropy section of the forum.

Keep in mind your application will more than likely be the first impression we have of you. Accordingly, some thought and time should be spent filling this out. More often than not one's application is a great litmus test of how much of an asset they'll be to Entropy while weak applications usually make weak members. Furthermore, do your best to log out in your PVE gear. Also be sure your PVE gear, spec, gems, enchants, etc. are up to par.   Even if your gear is older it shows us you know what you're doing with what you have and that you'll maintain those habits when new gear comes along. Finally, did you know Confidence is the dreamiest rogue ever?

Please create your thread and include your characters name, level, spec, class and realm as the subject. For example:

Graperz- Lvl 100 - Prot Warrior - Hellscream

Please copy and paste the form below into your new thread, and fill in the answers accordingly.


Character’s Name: Graperz
Character’s Realm: Hellscream
Character’s Class: Warrior
Character’s Armory Link:
Current Spec: Protection

General Raiding Info

01 - What open raiding position are you applying for? Please be specific here. If you play a hybrid class make sure you indicate what your function is. List both Main Spec and Off Spec if you have one.

Since I'm new to the guild I wouldn't expect a raiding spot but I would love to tank I have a lot of experience tanking. But if needed I can play any class with any spec. With the new expansion I dont have a strong DPS gearset yet but I work hard on having my character fully optimized for anything.

02 - Why do you want to join Entropy?

I just came back to WoW after a fairly long break due to my old guild disbanding and most of my friends quitting. I just started again on Hellscream with a Real life friend but I'm looking for a guild with good players to get shit done.

03 - Entropy raids Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM server through 11PM server with raid invites starting at 6:30PM server time.  If there is a problem that prevents you from maintaining acceptable attendance, please specify here.

Everything is perfect for me.

04 - What do you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses in regards to raiding? Seriously, be honest about your weaknesses.

Strenght : I learn very fast I always give up my 100% (Even on thrash)
Weakness : I may not keep perfect rotations all the time. (Fat fingers)

05 - There is always someone who will be more knowledgeable than you, be it in W.O.W., or in real life.  Do you consider yourself a person who can take advice and/or criticism without getting offended by it, and use it to better yourself as a raider?

I love when someone is better than me. I strive to find people that can teach me and learn from them. I watch a lot of stream of top raiders and figuring out how they think and how they do their job better than anyone.
Constructive criticism is very good someone complaining for no reason is different. If there is something to learn I'll learn it.

06 - Are you willing to respec and open to the possibility of playing a different role in raids than what you may be accustomed to? (For example: You play and apply as a Retribution Paladin, but Entropy needs a Holy Paladin for the night and that just happens to be your off-spec).

I played every single class to a competitive level. I have no problem playing whatever I need.

07 - Do you have a working microphone?

Yes a 120$ headset good quality.

08 - Do you have Ventrilo and know how to use it?

Mumble, Teamspeak , Dolby axon , skype , ventrillo got em all.

09 - Are you familiar with the addons Omen and/or Skada? Do you know how to use the threat meter to judge if you're about to pull aggro? How many seconds do you wait before dealing damage?

Depending on the encounter or the tank. In recent expansion it's very hard to lose aggro but I will tend to not hit adds or bosses before the tank has a hit on them.

10 - What kind of mods do you use that allow you to be more efficient at your “job”? For instance, list any cool down or buff timers you may use.

I don't use alot of addons I will use DBM or w/e raiding addon will be good for WoD. I really like to use default UI now that we can move frames. I usually setup a power aura for a few spells that I like to track (trinket CDs and such)

11 - Are you willing to farm your own consumables for raid encounters?

Of course.

12 - Who is the dreamiest rogue ever?

Well this look like the toughest question out of em all. I thought longly about answering it. I myself not played a rogue much so I kind of excluded myself as the dreamiest rogue. then I thought of the best rogues in the world like reckful , woundman .... Many other rogues.... I doubt they are the dreamiest.... After that I thought of my friends I've seen some very good rogues during my raid times some getting Gladiators and server firsts but I still don't think they were the dreamiest of all. Then I said to myself Its a new expansion a new server see who you know now that is a rogue. There was that random dude Confidence that helped me get this app setup (Thank you). I think he looks like a very dreamy rogue... Enough to be the dreamiest??.... Only time will tell.

13 - If you were a fruit, any fruit currently available on Earth, what fruit would you be and why?

I think I would be a grape...(didnt see that coming)Many types of grapes exist they all taste different. They come in every colors. We can fit in any snack we're easy to eat full of sugar and energy. We taste goooooddddd. And maybe because my name includes Grape in it but I'm not sure about that.

14 - Are you on Comcast?

Videotron (Quebec's best distributor)

15 - Is your computer able to handle graphic intensive encounters without disconnecting or suffering major slowdowns? Please provide your computer specs. No need to go all nerdy here but the basic details will suffice.

Steady 60 FPS at all time
Processor: I5 2550k
Memory: 16gb Rams
Hard drive: 2 terabyte Hard drive (no SSD yet)
Graphic card: Gefore GTX 650 Ti

16 - Where did you hear that Entropy is Recruiting?

I looked to the top guilds on the server on and noticed you guys had a bunch of early lvl 100. So I thought i might give it a shot.

Raiding Experience:

List ALL RAID INSTANCES COMPLETED followed by highest encounter(s) in UNCOMPLETED INSTANCES.

A) Vanilla WoW:

 Zul'gurub in patch 2.0 downed 2 bosses. -_-

B) The Burning Crusade:

Karazhan, Gruul's lair , Magtheridon's lair: Fully cleared with attunements
Serpentshrine Cavern , Tempest Keep: Fully cleared before BT's release.\
Mount Hyjal, Black temple : Fully Cleared before sunwell released
Sunwell : 1/6 before 3.0 , 6/6 after 3.0

C) Wrath of The Lich King:

Naxxramas : Server first achievement
Sartharion , malygos : 3Drakes and Cleared
Ulduar : Server first achievements full heroic cleared
Trials of the crusader : Server first full heroic cleared
ICC : Server firsts full heroic cleared

D) Cataclysm:

Stopped playing in Cataclysm
Came back for dragon soul with a 10 man group of friends we got to ultraxion Heroic after than people stopped showing and quit again for whole MoP.

E) Mist of Pandaria:

I did a few LFR here and there but for most of it I didn't play.

F) Warlords of Draenor:

Doing Heroics 630 Item level.

Guild History, and References:

Guild History:
What is your current/most recent guild? If this guild is on a different realm be sure to include which one.
What are/were the reasons or circumstances for your departure?  Please be specific here.
Please include the name of an officer in your current/most recent guild we can speak to about your Entropy application.
Finally, include *all* the guilds you've been in prior to your current/most recent one even if you were in there for only a week. Don't include an officer but do note the circumstances surrounding your departure.

I sold my account when i quit at the start of Cataclysm because I was sure to never play the game again and my account was worth a fortune with many server first titles. (I know this sounds fishy)

This was my old character a Prot paladin / Holy paladin I know we cant see the armory but I'll try to figure a way to show it.

Vanilla: I  started playing on the realm Hakkar with 2 Friends that I met playing other video games( RTCW Enemy Territory) during late vanilla. I leveled up all my way to lvl 55 when they released patch 2.0 that introduced Burning Crusade. I got to level 60 just before the launch I was in a guild named Wizards first rule (Bad guild with mostly low levels)

Burning Crusade: I tried to get 70 as fast as possible to be able to do dungeons and such. I started doing heroics and attempted karazhan but with my guild we couldn't get past moroes.
So I decided to join a "Real raiding guild" Since I was in mostly heroic epics and pretty good gear for T4 content. I got to clear Karazhan because we couldn't do 25 man content. The guild quickly disbanded after a few weeks due to loot drama and more. So me and 2 friends decided to start our own guild with most of the people from the old guild. We created Rules of Rage in which we got to clear whole T4 content. Once T5 got released we had lost many feathers already due to people not wanting to farm old contents we barely got Void reaver and Astromancer that we couldn't get 25 people for raids. So we decided to disband the guild I joined a guild named Beyond Redemption they had a few boss down in T5 and were the 2nd best guild on the server. We cleared the whole content and got to kill Kael'thas the week before T6 content was released. With my new guild I did the whole T6 content before the Sunwell patch. It's during this time that I learned to always give my best and do everything I could do make sure a boss would go down. Then sunwell got released we hit a major wall not being able to kill Brutalus. We then proceeded to clear the whole place in a day after 3.0 was released.

Wrath of the lich king: Still with my guild we were now in competition with another guild on the server to see whom was the best.At that time I was prety much the raid leader of the guild was calling major events in fights and things like that. We got naxxramas server first they got sartharion and malygos. When ulduar got released we started clearing really fast normal modes but for hard modes we started to have issues. So we thought of maybe transfering to a higher pop server to get better people to join us. But we finally agreed to merge with the other top guild on the server and we formed Hardcore Casuals which I was coleader because both of the old GM stayed in their guild. We destroyed Ulduar hard modes besides the few really hard ones like firefighter which gave us trouble and Yogg saron obviously. We got in the top 300 guilds in US during the end of ulduar. After that Trials of the crusader got released super confident that we'd do very good we in fact did. We cleared the whole place without too much trouble Trials of the grand crusader and most of the achievements coming with it. We were ranked in top 200 ish. Then ICC same thing as before we started very strong keeping pace with our US ranking. We were very happy with results Lich king gave us a little trouble but we managed to kill it. After that it's where the guild started falling apart sadly. Clearing ICC for countless weeks ... months we lost many core raiders. We did kill RS but it was painful.

Cataclysm : The guild started raiding a bit but we quickly disbanded due to our poor performance.

WoD : now I'm back and in some random guild Looking for a new story to begins.

Please tell us of any other references you might want to use to your advantage: Was my co Guild leader Was one of our core raider was my other tank buddy Holy paladin co leader

I could keep going but I wish I didnt sell my old account -_-

If you have read this far, please answer this question: How would one cut a bagel at a 45 degree angle?

(/)  <<< Like this


How old are you? 24

Do you go to school? Do you work? Please elaborate.

I'm a Representative for a company named Icotopia (My best buddy's company) I got into companies and sell them website or improvements on their website or suggested apps or programs they could use.
Right now I go into car seller business to sell them a program for their car sellers. That decides who goes next and keeps all that happens into a database.
So I have very flexible schedule and work during the day 99% of the time.

Please list 3 things you like to do outside of WoW, 1 things you don't like to do outside of WoW and 5 things you want to tell us about you. Examples can be family, how you got started in WoW, favorite band, favorite artist, favorite quote, favorite fight in wow, etc.

I love to go take a beer with friends around a cozy fire playing guitar.
I love Cooking for people making big ass table full of food. (idk why but i love to cook)
I love video games of course I'm still a very competitive player at Enemy territory (old ass game) I played lol for a while but got bored got to Gold 3 I think nothing impressive just lack of playing.

I hate going out to a commercial center to buy stuff with a girl. HORRIBLE but I tell her i like it -_- (confidence)

Well my parents are still together they live 4 hours away from me in a different city. I live in a house in Montreal with my best buddy. I recently finished school. I started playing video games when I was 5 years old my parents bought me a N64 with super mario and mario kart and since then I kept pushing myself to complete games the more I could.
I really like the new rock scene with groups like Arctic monkeys , Queens of the stone age , Tenacious D , Foo fighters , Jack white ... Many more I play a bit of guitar myself nothing impressive tho.
I dont really have a favorite fight but I'd say the one that gave me the most chills to kill was Archimonde. But my favorite raid instance was definitely Ulduar.

Is there anything else you would like to add to this application?