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16 Feb 2012 - The stuff of legends...?

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Grats Karagal for finally earning Entropy's 3rd [item]Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest[/item] after a scary bug didn't allow him to complete the final quest. After submitting a ticket he soon learned because he was in a raid the quest wouldn't progress. Mythical indeed.
Last night Entropy-Sith Wyrm completed our first clear of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Hard Mode operations content with an 8 man operations group.  Soon we will begin 16 man operations and begin work on Nightmare Mode. 

We killed a rancor, many droids, a giant lava beast thing, some dudes, more droids, an ancient Rakata warlord guy and his 8 bestest friends, and a Hutt riding a mech, which sounds way cooler than it actually is.  We also powered through the stupid buggy Ancient Pylons puzzle and completed the Towers of Hanoi all over some robot's face.  That poor robot didn't even see it coming.

Screenshot of a dead hard mode Soa:

More updates soon as we clear 16 man content!
As many of you already know, Entropy is now forming for the new Star Wars The Old Republic MMO.  This is our largest ever coordinated venture into another game outside of World of Warcraft.  We want to let all past and present members of Entropy know that we have decided to extend Entropy beyond just World of Warcraft and into another game.  If you happen to be interested in joining up with some of your old friends, feel free to login to www.swtor.com and create an account.

As of right now we have a Bioware-issued official guild forum given to us for free. This forum requires you to have a Star Wars The Old Republic account and apply to the guild.  Be aware that once Star Wars The Old Republic is released, this “free” forums site will go away forever, and the classic Entropy site will be expanded.  The Bioware site is given to guilds to form early and help keep friends & family together.  This free site also allows us to auto form our guild once the game is released.  If you’re now in the Entropy SWtor Guild, you will see our server when you log into the game for the first time.

Star Wars The Old Republic Entropy will begin with the same mindset we had when the guild was formed.  Entropy is and will always be an adult oriented environment and will follow the same rules and regulations we have in the WoW Guild.  We want to keep the same successful, casual friendly guild we’ve always had in the past with little or no drama. We expect our members to act respectful and mature.

The Star Wars guild will also follow the same structure as we have in WoW.  We will be setting up on a PVE Server and a part of the Empire faction.  One change we did make was to set the server up on an East Coast Time Zone, though this matters little for anything other then raiding times.

We will be expanding the WoW Entropy forums soon to allow our Star Wars guild to communicate.  I have been working with the forum administrator/owner (Quidel) to help with setting up the forums.  Quidel and I have had a lot of communication over the last week, working out ways for Entropy to move on beyond just WoW and expand into other games.  Star Wars The Old Republic will be the first step into such ventures.  We plan on having more announcements soon on this.  Stay Tuned!

Star Wars The Old Republic releases on December 20th.   With early start for pre-orders starting on the 15th.  We will be working vigorously to help set this up for everyone who wants to join up for some fun and to continue Entropy traditions into another galaxy.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  

Remember, Lightsabers are like bacon. They make everything better.  

                  May the Swartz be with you! (Except Yama)

~edited by confidence to fix the the guild forum URL.
Classic fairytale "Emperor's New Cloths" comes true when Entropy members Tavion, Klypsafya, Orinrahl and Marzix find Lord Rhyolith bare. "We tried to cover him up but he fell over" says the rogue Tavion. "He dropped purples" Klyps added while Orinrahl commented "I think my heal didn't go off in time". We was unable to get in touch with Marzix for comment.

Boss Kill -> Sept 21st
- News update. Traces of bacon was found in the shape of a heart at the scene of crime. Ex-Entropy Member entitled - Bacon Haters suspected.
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