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Heroic Chimichangas taste good when dipped in Entropy's special sauce! Tragedy strikes as horde guild Entropy, leaves Finkle Einhorn to die in cage after helping them by providing machine that grants semi-immortality. Finkle dies at 236 leaving no loved ones. Varian Wyrnn vows revenge for Alliance tragedy.

11 May 2011 - Entropy goes Amani.

Seen left to right. Donokni, Klypsafya, Zelan, Dalindor, Karagal

Zelan and friends decided to go Amani. These new bears were available with 4.1 and are a nice accessory for any fashion expert. If its not Amani you're doing it wrong. 5/9/2k11

Entropy members Klypsafya, Hyacinthus, Zelan, Taurenamos, Knaw, Malmagus, Karagal, Rahvine and Dalindor seen here breaking wind lord AlAkir on 4/24/2k11
Entropy continued our progression through tier 11 content by killing an old archenemy Nefarian . . . Again!  Despite Nefarian's attempt's to confound us with slippery, lava-soaked pillars (or was that portals . . .) and to electrocute the very air we breathed, and despite his wasting a battle rez on his sister Onyxia, Entropy emerged victorious.  On 4/7 Entropy finished the hardest hurdle of Tier 11 content and earned some hard won bragging rights. 

Two weeks later to add to the smackdown, Entropy performed a walk up Nefarian kill with 24 people. 
If you approach Meritae you win 100k gold!

You must tell him - I smell like shark feet, do you have a remedy?

---> April fools ^_^ for those people who messaged him. HA HA
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