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It was an all-around great week of raiding for us -- we picked up our first kills on Supremus and Shade of Akama...

And now I look like a Hunter... QQ...

Oh I almost forgot, Doomwalker, "lol".

Grats gimpy alt mage!

This week also featured getting Archimonde to 48% in our first 2 hours on the fight -- so look for killshots coming soon!

string(71) "Unable to connect to SQL host: entropydkp.db.9263345.hostedresource.com" string(71) "Unable to connect to SQL host: entropydkp.db.9263345.hostedresource.com" Despite talks with the NFL we were unable to move the Superbowl even though it interfered with our raid schedule.  So, we had a bizarro friday night raid and took out the fourth boss in Hyjal, Azgalor.  The server crashed during the raid, costing us about 45 minutes of learning time, and allowing everyone to get a little bit drunker than usual before the second half of the raid.  Despite this, and with much "MAX RANGE MEANS MAX RANGE GO MAX RANGE STOP STANDING IN FIRE" pep talkery, we pulled it off.  Friday raids, crazytime!

Anyway, here's a pic, with Thrall in as honorary Entropy for the evening:

Grats to Kiddemon and Arkhanum on the first two pieces of tier-6 set loot:
[item]Onslaught Gauntlets[/item]
[item]Gronnstalker's Gloves[/item]

After killing Azgalor, Donkbet face pulled Archimonde and we all took 100,000 damage (give or take).  Since C'Thun did a lot more damage, I guess Archimonde is kind of a pussy.  We'll probably find out next week!
Continuing our clear of serpentshrine temple...  wait what's with the naga?  We thought we were done with naga!  Yeesh.   Anyway, Entropy killed the first boss in Black Temple tonight, High Warlord Naj'entus.  He fights for Lady Vashj... lols


...and being a first kill and going into enrage, here's what the raid looked like:

Yeah, skull is a bad thing :P  But hey, he died, whatever!

Besides Naj'entus, we've also had Azgalor and Supremus into the teens lately, so expect some killage upcoming!  Yay killage!

24 Jan 2008 - For Staer

18 Jan 2008 - Kaz'rogal down

Entropy continued our plowing of the trashtastic Hyjal Summit instance last night with our first kill of Kaz'rogal.  There was much rejoicing, except for shake who was heard to say "where the fuck is my shield."  Where indeed.

Boom, killshot

In other news, there's so many things wrong with this "moment of Grakru", I couldn't help but steal some of Quidel's thunder and share.

It's call fucking Jin'rohk.  There's also a stormherald.  What the hell!
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