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05 May 2008 - Site update

I will be performing site updates over the course of the evening.  During this time the site may experience some problems.  Everything should be up and running shortly however.

UPDATE: Everything installed and working, but some feature changes caused a few layout problems on the front page -- I'll have it all cleaned up ASAP.

UPDATE #2: Still have a few coloring errors but working on a fix.


20 Apr 2008 - Gurtogg kill video

Well it's old news at this point, but we killed Gurtogg for the first time last week, and for the second time on Tuesday.  I (as usual) forgot to FRAPS the first kill, so here's a movie of the second kill, Entropy vs. Gurtogg "Oh my Gurtogg."  I hope you like Sepeltura and Slayer!

18 Apr 2008 - Reliquary of Souls down

After being slowly humped to death by a giant floating head on Sunday, we came back tonight with a mission: Hump Back!

It's a very weird fight but we managed to get him down with just one night of learning, so that was pretty cool!  General lack of randomness ftw.  All the loot was DE'd so that was pretty uncool.  WTB dreadboots!

For our humor presentation of this post, let me introduce you to Aramoro, dashing rogue extraordinaire.

When not dishing out the damages, his hobbies include reading 4chan, watching anime, and arranging things by color.  Ladies, don't let this one get by!

Colorness Acknowledged!

14 Apr 2008 - Bloodboil slain!

I am happy to report that Entropy has yet again pushed one step closer to Illidan with our defeat of Gurtogg Bloodboil.  Although a challenging (read: frustrating) encounter, it actually wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting, and so long as we can continue to maintain progress levels on our clear times this guy should be farm status in no time.


19 Mar 2008 - Archimonde kill video

Well, it's not a video of the first kill, but it is of the second!

If you're so inclined, head on over to warcraftmovies for:

As usual the soundtrack is pretty metal!  While you're feasting your eyes on THE DOOMFIRING watch for this astounding display of cubery around the 6 minute mark:
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