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Shannie Lennox the other half of the Eurythimics died today(Sept 21st). At the funeral Annie Lennox sung her brother's favorite song. Sweet Dreams. Shannie Lennox (61) died today to being pushed from Lord Rhyoliths hill. Currently there are no suspects other then the drive by mooing by Dagthunderer during the ride to the cemetery.

Shannie Lennox, later left Annie Lennox to seek his own career as security guard and dog handler of Ragnaros. He changed his name to Shannox to sound alittle more exotic. Below is Entropy "Finding" him laying there dead, and below that is picture of him as Shannie Lennox.

An Officer of Entropy, Zelan, found discounted Ragnar-O's and purchases enough for all! Ragnar-O's cause bacon hater to disappear for "Save The Pig Movement", then realizes everyone was talking about him.
Boss killed -> Sept 18th

Staghelm joins Stag-fest in sky.

Promised a reward for his sacrifice to Ragnaros ended in dispair when he ended up with 72 Great White Stags named Malorne. Feeling robbed Staghelm wrote his concerns on the Blizzard Forums, but was never answered.

Other news, Rahvine tripped and broke his new staff after laughing at Staghelm's misfortune. Now he randomly shifts into a firey kitty without desire.
Alysrazor died in Entropy's Arms. Cutting Crew's #1 hit revived!

After the raid Darkflame revealed "This fight reminded me of 'I....Just died in your arms tonight.' Its one of my all time favorites!" Soon after the raid Entropy gathered at Youtube with a sudden 40 extra hits being provided to that song. "Must of been something Darkflame said"

In other news, the picture revealed that a certain DK is actually a bacon lover. Apparently, You ARE what you eat. HEHE!

Baleroc Balboa falls dead in the 5th round. "I thought it was suppose to be Apollo!" says Mr T aka Taurenamos of Entropy. First Kill July 10th.
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