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Title: Entropy-Sith Wyrm is in your raid content, killing your mans
Post by: Zurth on January 26, 2012, 04:23:31 PM
Last night Entropy-Sith Wyrm completed our first clear of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Hard Mode operations content with an 8 man operations group.  Soon we will begin 16 man operations and begin work on Nightmare Mode. 

We killed a rancor, many droids, a giant lava beast thing, some dudes, more droids, an ancient Rakata warlord guy and his 8 bestest friends, and a Hutt riding a mech, which sounds way cooler than it actually is.  We also powered through the stupid buggy Ancient Pylons puzzle and completed the Towers of Hanoi all over some robot's face.  That poor robot didn't even see it coming.

Screenshot of a dead hard mode Soa:

More updates soon as we clear 16 man content!